Organize canvassing programs for global employment opportunities

Provide training and development facilities which required to find global employment opportunities

Provide Legal advice related to global employment

Provide Training Visa opportunities to countries like japan combined with JITCO

Provide access to rich in-house job bank

Organize interviews according to to client request

Provide vide and secured service to find best global employment opportunities

Arrange high quality and secured/ medical testing facilities

Provide professional service to find global employment placement

35/C, Dostharawatta, Thimbirigaskatuwa, Negombo, Sri Lanka

(+94)77 43 18 087


Maintain integrity and reputation as a most respected foreign employment agency in the country

Professionalism in the recruitment field

Wide and reputed client network around the world

Provide travel facilities for smooth departure with financial commitment with coordination stipulated by the Government and the Sri Lanka Bureau of foreign Employment.

Ensure that citizens leave the short country with self-respect and without any unnecessary financial burden for quality employment opportunities.

Ensure remuneration commensurate with job title and responsibilities.

Facilitate socially responsible and beneficial opportunities for our valued principal and the Sri Lankans recruited